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At Oak Creek Lodge, we provide the premier pheasant hunting experience in South Dakota and take pride in our commitment to conservation. Our exclusive "prairie-style" lodge near Mobridge, SD leads you on an unforgettable outdoor adventure of 5-Star pheasant hunting. We strive to help our guests create meaningful memories with their families while enjoying delicious meals prepared from scratch in our in-house kitchen. With 2,000 acres of private land for self-guided or all inclusive packages, we are committed to creating a safe and sustainable environment that honors wildlife habitat and production with every hunt. Our mission is to bring people closer together over our shared passion for the outdoors while practicing responsible stewardship of nature for future generations through expertly planned hunts and conservation practices – making us the top destination for those seeking the pheasant hunt of a lifetime! Oak Creek Lodge is owned & operated by brothers Austin Bowen (L) and Marshall Bowen (R).

Contact us via phone or email to book your hunt today! 605-641-2561 / oakcreeklodgehunts@gmail.comCheck-In is 5:00pm MSTCheck-Out is 10:00am MST

Safety And License:

Safety is very important to us at Oak Creek Lodge. All guests are responsible for having required licenses.

Hunting Safety:

In order for us to provide you with an exceptional hunt, it’s essential that a safe hunting environment is maintained.

A complete safety speech and check is conducted prior to every hunt to ensure that we have a safe hunt and that everyone is aware of the state laws and regulations that apply to pheasant hunting.

Oak Creek Lodge reserves the right to terminate any hunt in which the rules and regulations are not followed.Obtaining Licenses:

Oak Creek Lodge will be glad to assist your hunting party with obtaining licenses and other information upon request. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have the proper license(s) when you arrive.

Hunting licenses and handbooks of South Dakota hunting laws and regulations are also available from the South Dakota Game Fish & Parks Website.

More Information:

For more information on South Dakota pheasant hunting and licensing, visit the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks website.

South Dakota General Hunting. South Dakota Pheasant Hunting. South Duck Hunting. South Dakota Goose Hunting. South Dakota Hunting License. Standing Rock Game, Fish & Wildlife Licensing (701-854-7236).