Our predator hunts are on 2,000 acres of private property and you will be the only shooters there.  You have the option to hunt on property and off property.  A typical day includes a continental breakfast and a chance to sight in your rifles if needed.  You will be left alone to enjoy your shoot and you can stay out as long as you want between the hours of sunrise and sunset.  Shooting depends on the weather, the shooter, the amount of rounds, and Mother Nature.  


Contact us via phone or email to book your hunt today! 605-641-2561 / oakcreeklodgehunts@gmail.com


Predator Hunt on 2,000 Acres of Private Hunting Ground:


  • First-Year Hunter Rate:  $450 per person/per hunt day ($250 per person on check-in)

  • Return Hunter / MIL-LEO-First Responder Rate:  $350 per person/per hunt day ($250 per person on check-in)

  • Complimentary beverages and appetizers (limited)

  • WIFI access

  • 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold desired dates

    Check-In is 5:00pm MST
    Check-Out is 10:00am MST